Why more women than ever are cheating on their husbands

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Nikki has been married for 15 years. And she’s been cheating on her husband for 12 of them.

This mother-of-two, who is in her late 30s, keeps track of her potential paramours via spreadsheet, has an untraceable Google Voice number for communicating with her suitors, and arranges rendezvous through WhatsApp.

She generally juggles multiple sexual partners at a time, and once had sex with four different men on the same day. Sure, one of those four hook-ups lasted all of 20 minutes, but she didn’t care — she didn’t want to be “cuddled.”

Afterward, she says, she showered, took a work meeting, went on a dinner date, and had “fun” with another man.

Her verdict: “It was amazing.”

A new podcast, “She Wants More,” talks to married women about why — and how — they cheat.

“It was so cool because I got to really be in the driver’s seat [and] get exactly what I wanted — and I just happened to feel sexually greedy that day,” Nikki (not her real name) reveals in the new iHeartRadio podcast “She Wants More,” hosted by author Jo Piazza.

“It’s … such a power trip to be able to command the sexual presence of people you desire and have them fulfill whatever it is you need,” Nikki tells Piazza. ”It’s crazy.”