Why is Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court so left wing?

Murphy Fowles on twitter:

So you might have heard the Pennsylvania Supreme Court just ruled against Trump’s lawsuit. All 5 Democrat justices said observers had a right to be in the room, not the right to actually observe. The 2 Republican justices dissented. Are you ready to go down a rabbit hole?

Three of the Democrat justices were elected in 2015 in a campaign that set a national spending record in a Supreme Court race. The three justices  – Kevin Dougherty, David Wecht and Christine Donahue  – raised $3.98 million, $2.88 million and $1.95 million respectively.

Where did the money come from? Here’s a clue. I found this in a blog post by Democracy Alliance, the powerful left-wing group founded by George Soros. “In 2015, (we) made a critical investment that helped establish a progressive majority on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.”

That’s quite a claim. Did they really help create a “progressive majority” on the court?  According to campaign disclosures, the top fundraiser in the race was Pennsylvanians for Judicial Reform, which funnelled funds from the PA Alliance (they even shared a mailing address).

And yes, it turns out the PA Alliance was indeed funded by Democracy Alliance. The then-head of PA Alliance was Mary Shull, who was also state director of America Votes, another member of Democracy Alliance.

Let’s recap: Three of the Democrat justices on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that ruled against Trump were elected in 2015 on the back of record campaign spending that led directly back to Democracy Alliance, a group founded by George Soros.

It doesn’t end there.

Remember when Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar assured everyone that the election was carefully audited by groups like Democracy Fund and the Brennan Center? Guess who backs both of these so-called auditors?  Yes, Democracy Alliance.

I also discovered a second group called Democracy Fund, not linked to Democracy Alliance. This could be the Democracy Fund that Boockvar refers to. If so, this is the group set up by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, a left-wing donor who contributed $450,000 to super PACs against Trump. So one Democracy Fund is backed by Soros, and the other by Omidyar, a heavyweight Democrat donor. Neither should be auditing elections.

There’s still more. In the fall of 2017, Democracy Alliance hosted a conference in California called “Beyond #Resistance: Reclaiming our Progressive Future” where they addressed key issues of voter mobilization and “turning resistance energy into electoral action.”

One of the featured speakers was Tom Wolf, the governor of Pennsylvania (George Soros also spoke and attendees included Kamala Harris). Two years later, Wolf signed a bill that dramatically loosened Pennsylvania’s rules on mail-in ballots (we know how that turned out).

Now put it all together. The left-wing group Democracy Alliance spent years putting money behind the politicians overseeing elections, the groups auditing elections, and even the judges adjudicating elections. The same money. With the same goals. And the same results.

And this is just Pennsylvania. The influence of Democracy Alliance and numerous other Soros-backed entities reaches into other states and countries across the world, where the Soros-linked company Smartmatic has been hired to manage the vote in thousands of elections.

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