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By now you’ve seen the Presidential portrait of Barack Obama and the one of first Lady Michelle. To say they are out of the ordinary is the ultimate understatement. But to say the artists who painted these portraits are radical leftists that walk the same path as the Obamas when it comes to America is not a stretch by any means. These portraits were painted as they were and by who they were purposely to stir up emotions and offend Americans.

Let’s look at the artist who painted Barack, Kehinde Wiley. Wiley’s style, according to The Wrap, is said to be one of painting black subjects in poses based on classic imagery from Western art and iconography.

“Judith and Holofernes is from Wiley’s most recent body of work and his first series of paintings to feature female subjects,” a 2012 explanation of the work from the North Carolina Museum of Art foundation reads. “Wiley translates this image of a courageous, powerful woman into a contemporary version that resonates with fury and righteousness.” How does he display this fury ad righteousness? By having the black woman in the painting decapitating the head of a white woman. Obama knew this background, and purposely picked this artist because he knew it would inflame racial hatred, which is exactly what he did for four years.

Amy Sherald is the artist that painted Michelle’s portrait. According to the Baltimore Sun: “Sherald’s life-sized portraits pull viewers in from across the room. Her subjects are African-American, but Sherald paints their skin in shades of gray. The charcoal flesh makes more vibrant objects — a two-piece yellow bathing suit, a red yarn wig — pop like fire-crackers. Her use of gray skin tone was something we’d never seen before. The paintings’ surfaces look flat, but the closer you get, the more dynamic they become.” One of her works has the racially charge title, “High Yella Masterpiece: We Ain’t No Cotton Pickin’ Negroes.” This seems to reflect the thinking of a Michelle Obama who famously said she was proud of her country for the first time when her husband was elected, or that she lived in a house built by slaves.

Race is an obsession with Barack and Michelle Obama, not identifying as Americans, nor acknowledging the things that make America great; such as the ability of an individual to pursue their passions and rise as high as they can on their own merits because they have the freedom to do so. This is a foreign concept to the Obamas who not only look at America through racially tinged glasses, but who acted upon those divisions when the held the highest office in the land.

This is reflected in the artists they chose to capture their inner essence on canvas. One of the artists was making some sort of racial statement or threat with beheaded white women and the other works in the style of communist artists from the 80’s. So I ask, Why do BHO and Michelle go out of their way to offend the nation? Such divisiveness is damaging and driving the races further apart.

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