Why Bernie bit the dust this time around: He couldn’t embrace a patriotic American narrative

New York Daily News:

Why didn’t Bernie Sanders ever wear an American flag pin?

No, affixing a small piece of patriotic metal to his coat lapel would not have single-handedly solved all the manifold problems that ultimately doomed Sanders’ five-year campaign for the presidency.

But it was one of many cost-free gestures that he declined to make in service of presenting himself as a palatable nominee to “mainstream” Democratic voters.

Despite the bountiful advantages Sanders had entering the 2020 primary race — universal name recognition, virtually unlimited funds, a nationwide organizing network, and strong runner-up status from the previous nominating contest — when all was said and done, he lost resoundingly to a relatively weak “establishment” candidate in Joe Biden.


Today, though — after four years of radicalization and polarization under Donald Trump — an increasingly obstinate “progressive left” seems perpetually aghast if one even dares to suggest that the American Flag or other generically patriotic symbols are not inherently fascistic. (I can personally attest to this.) It wasn’t so much that Bernie himself changed, as the ferocity of the activist milieu that comprised his movement’s orbit.

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