‘Why aren’t you married yet?’: 1 in 3 people dreading awkward holiday conversations with family

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The holidays are typically when families and friends come together — and ask each other embarrassing questions, a new survey reveals. In fact, one in three adults are dreading the awkward conversations that inevitably start during family gatherings. When it comes to what distant relatives love to ask about, the poll of 2,000 British people finds nosing into everyone’s relationships is likely at the top of your family’s mind. Some of the top eye-rolling questions respondents get include, “When are you going to have a baby?”, “Have you found yourself a nice partner yet?” and “Why aren’t you married?” Making things worse, 57 percent of respondents add that their relatives ask them these same questions every single year! The survey, commissioned by Samsung KX and conducted by OnePoll, looked at all the topics that drive people crazy during holiday parties. Overall, a quarter of the poll don’t enjoy small talk in general and 41 percent feel “awkward” and “embarrassed” when relatives ask about their love life.

I’ll skip this conversation

Four in 10 people say sex is the topic of conversation they most want to avoid during the holidays. Discussing their own love life (31%), politics (29%), and money (28%) are also on the list of taboo topics. Another 15 percent don’t want to discuss their career with family and friends. With the pandemic invading its second holiday season, COVID-19 is a topic one in five people also want their relatives to leave at the door. It might be best to simply walk away from relatives talking about these subjects, with nearly half the poll (49%) saying these particular conversations often end up turning into arguments. So, what’s the best way to dodge Christmas confrontations? One in four people say going for a walk helps them cope with annoying conversations during the holidays. Another 21 percent simply head for the drinks table and grab an alcoholic beverage.

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