People are more miserable than at any other point on record


Misery has a lot of company these days.

People around the world are more miserable than they’ve ever been, according to a study by Gallup of 154,000 people in more than 145 countries released Wednesday. Indeed, Gallup’s so-called “Negative Experience Index” — which is an average of people’s self-reports of their daily levels of worry, stress, physical pain, sadness and anger — has hit the highest level since Gallup began measuring the data a decade ago.

While the data doesn’t show why misery is on the upswing, Julie Ray, the chief writer and editor for Gallup World Poll, says that it may be because “a lot of countries are in turmoil right now” and since we’re all so interconnected, that unhappiness and pain has spread across the world.

Percent of people worldwide who experienced this in the past day  Percent of people in the US who experienced this in the past day
Worry 38 percent 40 percent
Stress 37 percent 49 percent
Physical pain 31 percent 29 percent
Sadness 23 percent 23 percent
Anger 20 percent 17 percent


What’s more, the Negative Experience Index score for Americans is higher than the average around the world. And that may be because Americans are now more stressed out than people in any other country except one: Greece. Indeed, 49 percent of Americans say they were stressed a lot of the previous day (compared to 37 percent on average across the world); in Greece that number was 66 percent.

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