“Who’s the Boss, Where’s My Apple Sauce?” – Who’s Really Running the Biden Administration? Asks CPAC Panel

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The Post Millennial:

In a midday panel at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, in Dallas, Texas, “Who’s the Boss, Where’s My Apple Sauce? Who’s Really Running the Biden Administration?”

Rep. Jackson, a physician who worked for three presidents, was adamant that Biden’s mental well-being seemed to be suffering. “I can’t tell you who is in charge right now but I can tell you it ain’t Joe Biden.” Jackson said the White House is looking “more and more like an assisted living facility.”

Rep. Jody Arrington (TX-19), former Rep. Jason Chaffetz, and Rep. Ronny Jackson (TX-13) discussed the optics of the Biden administration. Moderated by Kurt Schlichter, a senior columnist at Townhall, the guest panelists did not hold back in calling out the Biden administration and President Biden himself for appearing weak and senile.

Schlichter, a boisterous trial attorney based in Los Angeles, California asked former Rep. Chaffetz, “Is President Joe Biden senile?”

“It’s going to be incumbent upon the American people to demand to get answers to this question…’Who is running the Biden administration?'” He replied.

Chaffetz suggested that concerned Americans should look at Biden’s chief of staff, Jill Biden, Susan Rice, and others who have influence over Biden to understand their policies. He criticized the liberal views Biden’s staff and policy appointments hold.

“The President literally has thousands of appointments that can populate the whole government. So when they talk about the rise of spending they are talking about putting more bureaucrats, more control there… they are growing the government,” Chaffetz said.

The former Congressman said the Biden administration is using the idea of improving infrastructure to bloat the government further.

Rep. Jodey Arrington, who appeared to be wearing cowboy boots, and represents a portion of west Texas, said Biden showed America his true, liberal beliefs when he appointed Kamala Harris as Vice President.

“She was the one as Senator who was saying ICE enforcement agents are akin to the KKK… That leftist ideology has permeated through your federal government and mine. That fourth branch of government is very activated… It’s real. It starts at the top.”

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