WHO IS DOING THIS TO US? by Steven Travers

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Steven Travers is a former screenwriter who has authored 30 books and writes regularly for The Savage Nation. FULL BIO AT END OF ARTICLE

Do you have a vague sense of unease; that a shapeless, spirit-enemy is loosed on the world, and that what you believe and wish for is fought against by this spirit? Read on . . .

In the 1998 war classic The Thin Red Line, director Terrence Malick used voiceover to constantly pose philosophical questions about man, nature and the inevitability of violence. Nick Nolte, playing an aging colonel, points to the way vines wrap themselves around a tree, sucking the life out of it, and states “nature’s cruel.” James Caviezel, the protagonist of the film, constantly asks questions like, “Why is this happening?” and “Whose doing this to us?”

This is interspersed with violent images of war, hatred, racism, cruelty, and death. Malick’s vision tends toward the more cynical view that Mankind is not inherently good or peaceful, but rather that history tells us the essential nature of people is war, and its many offshoots.

Of course, we do have free will and can choose peace over war, which many do, but war sure gets more attention on television. Do you have a vague sense of unease as you watch the news that no matter how good or decent or righteous or correct something might be, it is always brought down low by a complicated set of riddles and enigmas, all far too inter-twined, like the jungle vines Nolte speaks of in The Thin Red Line, to get to the heart of, to find its root, to cut it out forever. It just grows back.

The last century the great evils of this world have been Communism, Nazism and racism. But are these just prongs on a multi-headed sword? Let us start, as the Bible does, in “the beginning.”

Dark Prince of a fallen world

God made the world. Right off the start we have a question that frankly does not get asked about. While the Bible accords universality to God; He presides over all space and time; His son, Jesus Christ, was sent to “save the world.”

Not the Universe. Not Jupiter or Mars or solar systems we do not know about. If life exists on these or other spheres, does God have different plans for different living beings? Different saviors, if needed at all. But we needed ours.

We were made in His image. We were capable of love, of invention, of hard work and adaptability. We could evolve, but as we did, we broke God’s great mandate. Given Paradise on Earth, without need for anything more than was provided for us, we sought out knowledge that was not necessary to our happiness. We discovered we were naked, sinful, greedy, violent. Brother killed brother. The game was on.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all agree, to one extent or the other, on this premise. Buddhism has a slightly different interpretation but still acknowledges that man must turn from his sinful nature.

Satan was now the prince of the world. God’s children, fallen, were prosecuted by God’s law to eternal damnation. Satan, it seemed, had won. Again, the major religions have different visions of how we have been “saved.” The Jews believe it through living a good life. The Christians believe faith, not works, The Muslims, truth be told, are more in line with the Jews, as are the Buddhists.

Either way, for 2,000 years it would appear the Enemy decided this game, this spiritual war, needed to be fought with new and more inventive strategies. No general in history adapted to the shifting battleground more skillfully than the Old Serpent.

Europe ascends

The “mysterious East” (Asia and Asia Minor) was once far ahead of Europe. The native peoples of what is now known as the Americas were equal to them as pyramid builders. They led in philosophy, mathematics, science, and governmental organization.

While Greece and Rome did establish empires, the exotic East, while self-secluded, remained superior in many ways. Greece and Rome were violent military states, never sated by conquest. Their mythic “gods” were violent or sexual, and gave their leaders license to declare themselves gods, as well.

But the real God always knows how to use people in their time and place, or “setting in life.” In the Greco-Roman world, there existed two key elements: roads and historical scribes. “All roads lead to Rome,” and scribes of the era wrote down what was happening. Peoples in other countries now could know what had previously taken centuries of story telling within months.

Between the scribes and the Gospel writers, God’s word spread worldwide in short order. Because of the existence of roads, believers could move throughout the empire – Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Africa, Greece – in a relatively short amount of time.

Which of course led to the heart of world politics: Rome. Observing all this was, of course, Satan. Do you really believe Nero and Caligula were just accidental emperors who happened to be in place when they were?

Enter the women of Rome. Orgies, child sex, homosexuality and other acts of depravity were the order of the day among the elites. Roman women were expected to participate in these excesses; to offer pleasure to men. But these women began to hear of a new Judeo-Christian message: marriage was between one man and one woman; homosexuality was not natural; child sex was an abomination; orgies were depraved.

Within 400 years, a city that fed Christians to lions was pacified. Now, ask yourself what you would do if you were the devil. If you thought you had won the war against God by getting His children to condemn themselves to damnation, only to have God’s son save the day – literally – by dying for our sins. Perhaps you would pit two of the great religions against each other, further splitting Mankind in half.

Still, the Nordic countries replaced Viking conquest with peace and love. England, France, the German speaking territories; they all prospered.

So Satan had to find another tool. He divided Christians in Europe, but try as he might, this plan also backfired. The Enlightenment replaced much of the sorcery, witchcraft, superstition, folklore, and ghost sightings that mark some of Shakespeare’s work. This was replaced by an honest study of religion. The printing press was invented and people learned to read and write.

Still, people were not fully free. The indigenous peoples killed and imprisoned rival tribes. Slavery, a thriving economic institution that had existed at least since Egyptian bondage of the Jews, was a common act of trade between legitimate nations.

Democracy, a messy ideal of the Greeks, lost in the carnage after Caesar’s assassination in Rome, was a lost cause. Monarchs, emperors, despots, warlords, warring families, and feudal land barons ruled men and countries.

The new Promised Land

Looking at what He knew would come – increased slavery, wars, colonialism, the Industrial Revolution, global conflict, Nazis, Communists, abortion-genocides, climate change – what did God do?

He created a single country, America, that would be so powerful, such a force for moral good, so influential, so righteous, so purposeful, that it could conquer and defeat a new offensive by the devil on multiple fronts. It is interesting also to note that in so doing, God invested this power in a single nation. He did not invest it in “united” nations, or a union, or an international body politic. As Dr. Michael Savage would point out, this was in a single place with geographical borders, based on a single English language, and a unifying Judeo-Christian culture. The Bible is clear that God differentiates between nations and borders, that these places represent different laws that need to be respected, and different languages endemic to the peoples of each separate nation.

It has been said that God’s existence can be proved using mathematics. Consider the odds that a few English Puritans, landing the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock in 1620, would in about 300 years be an empire more powerful than the Persians, Alexander’s Greece, Caesar’s Rome, the Chinese dynasties, the Spanish monarchy, Napoleonic France, the British Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottomans, the Nazis, or international Communism.

Consider that these hardy explorers escaped England, only to have Great Britain eventually follow them, colonize them, and call themselves not the United States, but rather, merely a handful of colonies along with all their other colonies. A few agrarian territories on the East Coast of this strange New World, being fought over by European powers: England, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, all of it bleeding from the cancer of slavery. What were the odds that what was then could become what is now? 100 million to one? Man does not overcome those kinds of odds, but with God all things all things are possible.

We know the story. A few land owners who knew how to hunt and shoot guns, gather forces against, oh, the greatest military on the planet, and over the course of a few years, often in deplorable winter conditions, defeats them so thoroughly that they leave with their tails between their legs.

Then these people decide to try an experiment, called Constitutional Democracy. After a few decades, this little band of nobodies in the middle of nowhere becomes one of the strongest economies in the world. French philosophers come to find out what makes them different. They discover that these people live not in feudal fiefdoms, owing their living to Mafia-type families, but rather they share their prosperity, create clubs called Kiwanis and Lion’s and Elks, and they all pray together.

Then along comes a President named Abraham Lincoln and an issue called slavery. Not a new issue, but the oldest issue. Since the beginning of time, Mankind has had slavery. One tribe, army, group or country would come across a weaker one, defeat them in battle, pillage their women, and enslave their men. It was rote. It was average. Socrates and Plato had slaves, wrote it was “natural.” The English, authors of the common law, founders of Cromwell’s Parliament, trafficked in slaves. The Catholic Church allowed it. The Spanish practiced it.

Hey, as the saying goes, “everybody’s doing it.”

So here is America, now approaching four score and seven years old, and they have inherited millions of slaves from all these old European dynasties. But of course this is a country largely occupied by these strange, annoying people: abolitionists. These oddballs who do not play by the rules. Who insist all these Africans need to be set free. Not just free, but free in America.

To live amongst us. Well, this cannot be done, old boy. Don’t you see? How, by the way, can it be accomplished? Well there is this document, this inconvenient set of parchments written in Philadelphia in 1787 that outlines a bunch of laws and canons and moral codes that indicate how it can happen but hey, that is just a theory. Right? Right? You cannot be . . . actually serious, can you?

So in 1861, an odds maker sets forth the numbers to determine what are the chances that four years later, 600,000 white citizens of these United States would die, mostly in the most horrendous manner possible, so all the blacks can be free. What would those odds be?

1 billion to one? Half a billion to one? Again, it is not a possibility. It is statistically impossible. Won’t happen. Forget about it.

But it is precisely what actually occurred in real life. America is where slavery came to die. It would never again exist as viable trade between legitimate nations. Still, some people, despite these facts existing as knowledge, fail to acknowledge the existence of a manifest God? Well, let us not forget the existence of our old adversary Satan, and the role he plays in all of this.

Industrial Revolution

Real freedom did not come to the black slaves after the Civil War. They had to fight for it for 100 years, because freedom is not free. But with the slavery issue in the loss column, the Old Beguiler set about a new battlefield. The Civil War essentially began the Industrial Revolution. With the formation of a single German state under Otto von Bismarck in 1870, in consolidation with the Austro-Hungarian Empire formed after Napoleon Bonaparte’s fall, there suddenly was a hegemonic Germanic-speaking peoples dominant in Europe.

These people saw that their main counterparts for dominance of the new Industrial Revolution were the United States and the United Kingdom. Whoever created the greatest industrial economy could colonize the world and establish a superior position as a global power. The U.S., having pacified their western half of the continent, had all the natural resources they needed, but neither Germany nor England had the necessary resources on their soil. They needed to colonize in Africa, Asia, and Latin America in order to have the oil, the iron ore, the gold, the silver, the uranium, the water, the electricity, the rubber, and all the other Earthly ingredients needed to make and fuel machinery, eventually cars, and other discoveries that lay on the horizon.

Consolidated into a monolithic military empire, Germany decided to strike first. The result was the Great War. They allied with Turkey, purveyors of the only known oil fields outside of California at the time. The war looked to be a stalemate in which Germany could essentially hold their ill-gotten gains until the United States entered and achieved victory.

But out of this victory grew a malignant cancer. This cancer had always existed in the form of man’s inherent jealousy of his fellow man, the desire to have what your neighbor has. In the mid-18th Century, this malignancy was given voice by virtue of a book called The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. In this book, Rousseau stated that governments in whatever form they held, owed a certain way of life to the people under their control. Whereby the Constitution merely stated that freedom was a gift from God, albeit that had to be fought for over and over by its benefactors, and that the rights of God’s people were to pursue happiness, Rousseau and the French Jacobins argued that freedom was a right bestowed by other men (government), making the men who occupied said government a form of gods, in their own way.

This philosophy was bandied about throughout the revolutionary 19th Century and became solidified as Russian Communism in 1917. By the time World War II started in 1939, Communism had already killed as many human beings as would die in the Holocaust.

Full frontal assault

The devil, having failed to destroy the Democracies, then played on the most ancient prejudices of Mankind. The target were his old foes, who had recognized who he was and warned of his wily ways in the Old Testament. These were the Jews.

Perhaps the devil felt the time was right for a full frontal assault; that he no longer needed to hide behind shadowy political movements and gauzy ideals masked as pacifism or compassion.

The first half of the 20th Century saw the world grow up faster than its people knew how to handle. Besides the industrial age, there was the jazz age, the sexual indecencies in Berlin, Paris and New York in the Roaring ‘20s. There were the evolutionary teachings of Charles Darwin, alternately used by the atheists to prove God did not exist, or by the British to explain why they had the right to an empire. There was the abortion and eugenics movement, making life disposable and elitist. World War I had created a Lost Generation of non-believers, convinced no just God ever would have allowed such carnage. There was a Great Depression, sapping hope from millions.

With the table set in such a way, Satan seemed to feel that in this, the final years of a millennium, he could show his face. He could have governments, armies, empires, resources. An atheist thesis, “will to power” by Friedrich Nietzsche, emboldened his soldiers to do what Mankind had never had the “courage” to do before. To break past old precepts of morality. Now, finally, the Aryan people would claim their birthright, fearlessly having the “strength” to use the power suddenly thrust upon them.

Of course, this was the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. As they ascended, America sank. Under President Franklin Roosevelt, the U.S. was pacifist and isolationist. It was in increasing solidarity with Joseph Stalin. Its military was the 18th largest in the world; unprepared, lacking weaponry, technologically behind the times, its people unwilling to fight. FDR’s failure to prepare for war led to war. Finally dragged into the conflict after Pearl Harbor, the United States lost battle after battle.

The atheist can certainly say victory was achieved because the Communists threw millions into the maw of death; or because General Motors and the Ford Motor Company and Rolls Royce all got rolling. These things did happen. But most Americans believed victory occurred because a just God gave power and might to America in the nick of time. The nation became increasingly spiritual.

Most believed America was literally an exceptional country. Henry Luce of Time magazine wrote that the 20th was the “American century.” People sang, “God bless America,” and they meant it. But look how close we came to falling apart. Under President Roosevelt, the U.S. sank into a Socialist morass. Communists literally occupied the Oval Office (read: Venona Papers). Had it not been for World War II, America and the American Dream may well have died by 1945.

Communism and atheism

But Europeans thought such talk was arrogant and conceited. Having lived through two world wars on its soil in 30 years, they just gave up. There could be no God. He would not allow His Chosen People to perish, 11 million strong in the camps. He would have interfered, intervened, come down with furious anger upon those who did injustice to His children. Here was proof He did not exist. They drank, they partied, they had sex without marriage. They aborted unwanted babies.

The Jews said, “Never again.” What a laugh. Never again? It has happened many times since then. 35 million murdered in the U.S.S.R. 70 million murdered in Red China. Cuba. North Korea, East Germany, the Warsaw Bloc, Cambodia . . . 120 million human beings? International Communism makes Hitler look like a piker.

By the 1960s, America stood nearly alone in the war against Communism. The colleges became de facto staging grounds of Marxist thought, action and sympathy. Henry Luce, on his deathbed by then, probably never knew his own magazine published a cover asking, “Is God dead?” Hollywood made a movie, Rosemary’s Baby, about the successful birth in America, no less, of the devil’s spawn.

The Communists infiltrated the left, campuses, and the anti-War movement, fueling violence and anarchy reminiscent of “Red Emma” Goldman during World War I. Community organizers like Saul Alinsky, who Barack Obama dedicated his life to, couched it all in the guise of “helping black people.” Since he dedicated his book literally to Lucifer, perhaps he was helping somebody else. Another of Obama’s soul mates, Bill Ayers, steered the Weather Underground, the pre-cursors of Antifa, into a violent confrontation with police and the military. Ayers and his wife tried to blow up police cars and stations, and murder cops. For reasons never made clear, both are not only allowed to freely walk around on this planet, but were rewarded with college professorships. This makes one wonder if Satan really does control this place.

The Communists always used sex as a recruiting tool, homosexual (as a form of blackmail) and heterosexual. Sexy hippy girls enticed many young men into the movement in the 1960s. The book Oil! described how this tool was used going back to the 1920s.

The Communists tried to infiltrate the Civil Rights Movement. Speaking to the House Un-American Activities Committee, Jackie Robinson, a Connecticut Republican and friend of Richard Nixon, told HUAC blacks would not go for Communism because they were “too patriotic and Christian.”

Another great Republican, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., successfully steered the movement. It is possible that the American South changed faster, for the better, in a shorter amount of time, and on their own, than any region in all of world history. Like the odds against 600,000 whites dying so blacks can be free, this kind of miracle is hard to believe unless it is God’s work.

The Civil Rights Movement also offers further proof, using mathematics, that conservativism is superior to liberalism. In all the years in which the South was racist and ignorant, they voted Democrat.

After the Tennessee Valley Authority, the region experienced electricity, technological modernization, and its citizens became educated. As this occurred they voted Republican.

In 1972-73, it would seem that conservatism was the “winner of history,” so to speak. Republican President Richard Nixon won a record 49 states. He successfully husbanded the South into the mainstream of American politics. He and his Nobel-winning Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, used triangulated diplomacy to play the Soviets off against the Red Chinese. He ended the Vietnam War.

What could go wrong?

The Greeks have a word that applies: hubris. That and arrogance, paranoia and vengeance led Nixon down the tar pit of Watergate. Instead of winning the Cold War some 13 or 14 years earlier than it actually was won, Communism was allowed to be adventurous. Democrat U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts refused to fund the South Vietnamese. The 1 million who died have their blood on his hands.

But that is not the half of it. In 1973, an evil perhaps even more pernicious than Nazism reared its ugly head. It was abortion. After Roe v. Wade, some 65 million babies have been murdered in America.

Worldwide? Who knows? One can only imagine, with China’s one-child policy, how many were murdered there. 1 billion? Some sophistry: “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.” Joseph Stalin. “A single death is a tragedy. A million is a statistic.” – Stalin again.

Planned Parenthood, formed by Margaret Sanger as an easy way to kill off the African race, was now killing off the African race. Friendly liberal sociologists began working in clinics like Acorn, where with a smile on their faces they talked millions of African-American women into killing their babies.

This, as the great Paul Harvey once said, is what he would do if “I were the devil.” In 1965, the Great Society began in earnest. From 1945-67 black economic gains were steady. After 1967, they stagnated. That is when liberal social programs began to turn Democrat cities into bastions of lost hope.

Harvey said the devil would go after “the ripest apple on the tree,” the United States. It was in 1965 that the prophet Harvey described in detail all the things the devil would do, and in so doing, described to a tee everything the Democrat Party did since then, capped by Barack Obama and today Antifa. It was insane. To point it out invited barbs like “religious fanatic” or “racist.”

By 1975, thanks to the industrious work of Senator Kennedy, Vietnam was Communist. By 1979, America was held hostage by Iran. Then came Ronald Reagan.

America rises

Again, we must ask when miracles happen? Who does God use as vessels to make His miracles occur? From all angles, it sure looked like He used Ron Reagan. The Soviets were routed in Afghanistan. The American military was restored. The economy roared. Patriotism made a comeback. The Berlin Wall fell, and the Cold War was won.

For those of us smart enough to notice such things, make note that the “global warming” movement rose right after Communism fell. It was as if they needed a new god to worship. Reagan had vanquished the old one into the “dust bin of history.”

Capitalism was the winner of history. An economic ideal that brought more freedom, happiness and physical health to more people than any other. An incredible act of God in which even one of man’s worst sins, greed, could be channeled into the greater good.

After Reagan came Bill Clinton. Under him the Internet began in earnest. Human sex trafficking, child seduction and pornography went through the roof. You win some, you lose some.

Terrorism made a play. The devil figured porn had addled all our minds. We would not fight.

We did fight. In 2007 General David Petraeus’s “surge” won the Iraq War. Radical terror will dog us throughout this century. We cannot just call it a victory and let down our guard. The hopeful among us hold out some faith that the Muslims will reform their own world.

Who is doing this to us?

Which brings us to our modern predicament. Early on in Barack Hussein Obama’s Presidency, many asked whether he was more than just a politician, but something malevolent. This might seem an excessive and irrational idea. Well, if you have watched the tenets of your religion torn down brick by brick, you do ask these kinds of questions. This is not to say Obama is the Dark Prince. Who knows who and what he is?

His rise came at a time in which the media, the happy conduits of evil, merrily brought down the Catholic Church, and exposed seemingly every priest as a gay child molester. Israel also became depicted as racist and militaristic. Oh how the devil roared from his underworld den.

Obama’s role in modern evil must be the one he played in race relations. While he stoked up passions and hatred of whites among American blacks, others have specialized in race extortion long before him. What Obama did was to let his people down. He had them believing that their day had arrived. They were free. They would rise.

None of his promises were fulfilled. Black employment did not go down. He did not oversee pride or success. The inner cities, as always, remained quagmires of black-on-black crime, murder havens of genocidal proportions, drug dens, and rap music lyrics about ho’s getting gangbanged. Black marriage went down. Children were born out of wedlock into hopelessness. Schools failed. Crime skyrocketed.

Do not blame inner city African-Americans. Blame their white, liberal overseers. The one man who could have freed them was Obama. He failed them, as he failed America. Worse, an arrogant, ruddy-faced white man came along and did everything for African-Americans Obama never did. By February of 2020, President Donald Trump was presiding over the greatest economy ever, and the best employment of blacks and minorities in history. His popularity with African-Americans looked to be the highest since Nixon.

Trump is a Biblical figure only if you have actually read the Bible. God’s books, the Old and New Testaments, are filled with stories of child molesters, incest, adultery, murderers, tax collectors, prostitutes, betrayers, cowards, and many other human beings who were chosen by God Himself to do His work, often in the form of miracles.

This had the odd result of drawing evil out into the open. At this point we had to face up to a terrible possibility. Was the devil’s political party no longer Communism, but now the American Democrat Party?

We looked for signs. In 2011 a popular mini-series called The Bible drew huge ratings on TV. The actor who played Satan did not look like Obama. The producers did not try to make him look like Obama, yet were embarrassed when on the screen he suddenly, as if by magic, was his splitting image. Was this a sign from God, a warning that evil was in our midst, evil with political power?

The efforts to destroy Trump have been vicious lies. Evil acts. A Russia hoax. Attempts to destroy his NSC advisor and a wonderful Catholic Supreme Court nominee. A joke Impeachment. In the mean time, actual rapists and sexual predators (Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein) turned out to be Democrats and friends of Bill.

Now we are looking at the Chinese virus and riots in the street. Is the virus just a coincidence, or is this something more sinister? In 2020, just as the economy is taking off, with Trump riding high? Of course, God makes sure all is not lost. The virus crisis resulted in a much cleaner ozone layer, as if that will ever stop the religion of environmentalism.

The Democrat Party just lies. They want open borders so illegals can usurp the patriotic vote. Black Lives Matter and Antifa, funded by George Soros, are the new Weather Underground. The devil uses them to stir old racial hatreds. Obama oversees it all with a hidden hand. It is Communism in new form. Ancient rival Russia, jealous, defeated, a faded old power, tries to undermine us. China, a rising new power, thinks they can overtake us. If the left has their way, they will.

In this nation, Democrat Governors today tell people they cannot go to church and arrest people who try to make a living, but let prisoners out of jail and do not arrest looters and rioters. This is like something Mick Jagger would sing about; the methods of the devil.

But even churches are now inculcated in homosexual doctrine. The Catholics are paid to hoard illegals. The corruption is everywhere. We sit at home, and the porn industry is making more money than ever.

The devil has many allies. Many are unwitting, but we are too generous to say this about all of them. There are Satan worshippers out there, more than we care to think exist. They have ascended to positions of power in public schools, academia, the media, in Hollywood, the environmental movement, the judiciary, in government, burrowed into the Deep State, and many other places.

The same people who protest Trump today are the ones who rooted for Hanoi during the Vietnam War. They gave aid and comfort to the enemy. They are people like Edward Kennedy, who surreptitiously traveled to Moscow and tried to do a treasonous deal with the Communists in order to hinder Reagan from winning. After 9/11, they rooted for the terrorists to kill our soldiers.

In order to understand them, it is important to realize that they will always be with us. They are the New Yorkers who root against the Yankees because it is unfair that one team be so good. There is a psychology to it that is not easy to grasp. But these people are easily driven crazy. Absent God in their lives, they grasp to their ideology, the false gods like climate change and social justice.

It is also very important to understand “what goes around comes around.” Once upon a time, white people treated people of color very poorly. Today, many of these people and their guilty white “friends” feel history has granted them license to do to whites what was done to somebody else long ago. It is a form of “social reparations.”

Study the Communists, from V.I. Lenin to Saul Alinsky to George Soros. Learn their methods. Alinsky told his armies to “polarize” the capitalists. Obama told them to “get in their face.” Is there any wonder they have just followed orders? What we are seeing now is transference, in which the essence of what the left is guilty of is what they lie and say the right is guilty of.

A coarse, rough man like Trump, drives them out of their cotton pickin’ minds. For decades, Republicans never fought back. Men like George H.W. Bush just figured they were gentleman. God would be with them in the end, and they let the left lie, cheat and steal. Bush defeated Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard in a couple months, had 90 percent approval ratings, and lost to a draft-dodging immoralist.

Trump is the first to fight back. He uses their methods. He beats them at their own game. They can’t stand it. They hate him even more because of he could care less. They are driven delusional, beyond reason. As any military commander can tell you, this is a psyche-ops maneuver that you want to inflict on the enemy. They are not rational, and act irrationally. They make mistakes. They lack strategic thought. His supporters, meanwhile, after years of Bush’s and Romneys and McCains, love him for it even more. He is their dream come true. Most Republicans now feel there is little hope of coming together; they wish only to defeat the enemy. Whether this is the recipe for a civil war, as Dr. Savage recently tried to warn us away from, is not known, but the tides of history flow rapidly.

As for the police officers accused of racism, they should identify who their supporters are (Republicans, law-abiding decent Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists of all races), and protect them. They should tell Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, the Democrats, the protestors, the thugs, the looters and rioters, the media, Hollywood . . . they should give them fair warning they won’t respond to police calls in their neighborhoods and offices.

Which leaves us with the final question. Who is doing this to us? Is it the devil? Was the Chinese virus really an accident? What is the real force behind the riots? Up is down, down is up.

The world, as Ernest Hemingway once wrote, “is a fine place and worth saving.” Maybe the second part of that sentence is correct.

Steven Travers is a former screenwriter who has authored 30 books. He is a USC graduate, played professional baseball, attended law school, worked in politics, served in the Army, and was a sports agent before finding his calling as a writer. He has written for the San Francisco Examiner, L.A. Times, StreetZebra, Gentry magazine, and MichaelSavage.com. He lives in California and has one daughter, Elizabeth. He can be reached at USCSTEVE1@aol.com or on Twitter @STWRITES.