Whitmer on the Hot Seat – Mich. lawmaker calls for ‘SUBPOENA to learn Whitmer secrets about COVID nursing home deaths’

Just the News:

The Michigan state legislature is investigating Gov. Whitmer’s reluctance to provide an accurate number of COVID-19 nursing home deaths.

“It’s time for us to go down the road of issuing a subpoena,” said Michigan State Representative Steve Johnson, who is chair of the House Oversight Committee, with regard to finding out the accurate numbers of COVID-19 nursing home deaths.

Johnson told the John Solomon Reports podcast that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s administration was following the same guidelines as New York’s Cuomo administration with regard to “forcing COVID patients into nursing homes.”

“So we started digging in,” said Johnson, “when we heard what happened in New York, to say, ‘Hey, are we having the same problem here?’ And so we asked those questions to the Department [of Health and Human services], and they said, ‘Hey, we’re counting the numbers just fine, you need to trust us.'”

“Well, I don’t really exactly trust departments that much,” Johnson continued, “so we said, ‘Can you actually give us a better break down? You know, can you actually show us where these numbers are coming from? How many are actually in nursing homes versus those admitted to hospitals?’ That’s where the Cuomo administration was hiding them.”

But after getting those questions, “they stopped talking to us,” Johnson recounted. “They won’t answer those questions. So we had a hearing, and we invited the department to come and testify the answer to a lot of these questions. And they refuse to testify. We put out a public list of questions we had for them, and instead of answering that and sharing the data, what they told us was, ‘Hey, we have the best data out there. We’re doing everything right.’ But they didn’t share it with us.”

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