When you’ve lost Matt Drudge….


If Matt Drudge turns on you, watch out. And if the past week is any indication, President Trump should take heed. A king maker — and perpetually aspiring dethroner — for more than 20 years, Drudge is to the Internet was Fox News is to television: a safe haven for conservative views. His news aggregation site, Drudge Report, is one of the most influential voices in politics. In 2000, the site enjoyed about 25 million impressions per month. Last year Drudge Report leapfrogged The New York Times into sixth place in U.S. media online traffic and engagement, and now the site earns about 25 million visits per day. Drudge Report’s power stems from its throwback simplicity. The three-column design looks exactly like it did in 1997, except with more headlines, most of which are crafted to express outrage and/or disdain. Accompanying images help perpetuate or transform public opinion among a hungry conservative readership: a manic-looking Hillary Clinton, a smirking Barack Obama.