WATCH what really happened – Video vindicates San Diego Cops

The Federalist Papers:

Lately, it seems protest mobs are just waiting to pounce any time a police officer fires his weapon, always ready to instantly vilify the officer while canonizing the suspected criminal.

Such was the case after San Diego police shot Leonardo Hurtado Ibarra on Saturday, sparking anti-police protests in the area, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

The two officers involved in the shooting were driving in the city Saturday evening when they spotted Ibarra, whose face tattoos fit the description of a suspect in a robbery days prior, as he emerged from a building.

They attempted to approach Ibarra on foot, but when he spotted the police, the suspect dropped the parcels in his hand and reached into his waistband for a revolver, which he pointed at officers as he attempted to flee. The officers then opened fire.

The department had released a still image from one of the surveillance cameras and a photo of the suspect’s revolver lying in camo-patterned fabric it was bundled in, but protestors were already out on the street, armed only with the usual narratives and assumptions without any facts.

“We’re out here because somebody died and the police don’t have a right to kill anybody,” San Diego State University student Simran Jain said.

“And they act like this is something that was necessary, but even if everything that they said was true, even if he had a gun, even if he was guilty, none of that should really matter,” she said.

Instead, Jain thought “police should have been able to de-escalate; that is literally their job,” and she went on to say she found reports that the gun was planted “completely believable considering all these crimes that police have committed on record.”

“I’m tired of black, brown, any kind of color you can say, tired of them getting mistreated, harrassed, and cops getting away with it,” a woman identified only as Vanessa said.

Surveillance & bodycam video tell a very different story.

Here’s police compilation of the day’s events


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