What Do Wild Geese Eat?

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Wild Canadian GooseThe Canada (Canadian) goose is a handsome waterfowl distinguished by a black head and neck, with a white “strap” extending from both sides of the head and meeting under the throat. Its overall body feathers are varying shades of brown and gray. There are seven subspecies of the Canada goose:

Atlantic Canada Goose

Interior Canada goose

Giant Canada goose

Moffitt’s Canada goose

Vancouver Canada goose

Dusky Canada goose

Lesser Canada goose

There are several physical differences between the seven groups but, for the most part, it’s easy to recognize all of them as Canada geese. The black head and neck and white band across the chin belong almost exclusively to the Canada goose. The two exceptions are the cackling goose and the barnacle goose, which share a slightly varied pattern of those three particular markings.


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