What did Jeffrey Epstein own? Here’s a list, including ’64 dune buggy, islands, cash

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McClatchy – Miami Herald:

The estate of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein has been officially valued at $636.1 million, according to a new, verified inventory filed Friday in his probate case in the Virgin Islands.

Epstein’s finances, once the subject of mystery and speculation, are being laid bare as various parties, including those who were sexually abused by the multimillionaire, stake their claims to a portion of his assets.

The 100-page document from Epstein’s estate included a listing of 15 wholly owned limited liability companies, which are designed to disclose little public information and were valued at $201.5 million.


Through his corporations, Epstein owned two neighboring private islands in the Virgin Islands. Little St. James and Great St. James are respectively valued at $63.2 million and $23.4 million. George has placed a lien on them, hoping to claw back ownership to redress alleged crimes as well as misrepresentations to tax authorities in the territory.

The estate has blacked out some information in the documents, including a portion dealing with a person associated with the company used to facilitate Epstein’s purchase of Great St. James. The reason for the redaction is unclear. A story by McClatchy/Miami Herald last October documented irregularities associated with Epstein’s acquisition of the island.

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