What are the massive ramifications of the Russia-Iran drone connection? – analysis

On the eve of US President Joe Biden’s visit, the US has revealed that Russia may be acquiring hundreds of Iranian drones. Jake Sullivan, the national security advisor, made this revelation on July 11. “The Iranian government is preparing to provide Russia with up to several hundred UAVs, including weapons-capable UAVs, on an expedited timeline,” Sullivan told reporters.

Washington has information that Tehran may train Russian forces to use the drones. The story seems improbable and unbelievable at first because Moscow is usually thought of as the arms powerhouse that exports them, not a country running around hat in hand to Iran – which is the country that is supposedly under sanctions and yet is now exporting drones. The Islamic Republic has already exported drones to Venezuela and revealed recently that they were also being made at a factory in Tajikistan.

The drone story has several sides to it. Timing is important. It comes as Biden is coming to the Middle East. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia have been victims of Iran drone threats. The kingdom has received the brunt of attacks by drone technology exported to Yemen by Iran. Tehran has also used drones directly against Saudi Arabia in the 2019 attack on Abqaiq.


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