Western views of China hit new lows amid pandemic


Western views of China have soured sharply amid the Covid-19 pandemic, with record numbers in major developed countries seeing the Asian power unfavorably, a survey showed Tuesday.

The 14-nation study by the Pew Research Center found a sharp deterioration of perceptions on China in the United States, where President Donald Trump has repeatedly sought to pin blame on Beijing for the pandemic.

Seventy-three percent of Americans see China unfavorably, an increase of nearly 20 percentage points since Trump took office in 2017 on a nationalist agenda.

Negativity toward China shot up most sharply in Australia, which has faced retaliation from its major trading partner as it largely backs its US ally.

A record 81 percent of Australians now see China unfavorably, up 24 percentage points from a year earlier, it said.

Negative views of China were also at all-time highs in Britain, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, South Korea, Spain and Sweden.

China initially suppressed news of the mysterious respiratory disease when it emerged in Wuhan, although the communist authorities have since sought to cast themselves as victorious in defeating the virus through aggressive efforts.

Across the nations surveyed, 61 percent said that China had done a bad job in dealing with the outbreak.


The latest survey marks a reversal from largely positive views of China by the Western public in the 2000s.

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