Sidney Powell on Dominion Machines Voting Fraud “I’m Going to Release the Kraken.”

Sidney Powell appeared on Lou Dobbs on November 13 and released information that left people reeling. She stated that the Dominion voting machines were originally created to sway the votes in Venezuela for Hugo Chavez. Rumors floated around the internet that the US Army had seized Dominion servers in Frankfurt, Germany. The parent company of Dominion voting systems, Scytl, is based out of Barcelona, Spain. And they are denying everything as the coverup continues.

Sidney Powell told Lou Dobbs that she could hardly wait to show the evidence she had on the Dominion machines. She stated that it was funded by Cuba, Venezuela and even China for Hugo Chavez. She stated that the machines were created to sell data to other countries, which was the epitome of “foreign election interference.”

She told him that the states that shut down their vote count on Election Night were where the most egregious fraud took place. She claims to have statistical evidence that is “staggering.” She stated that some of Governors and Secretaries of State may have had a financial interest in the machines, as well as some well known others.

“Andrea Widburg at American Thinker earlier reported that Scytl has (or had) connections to Soros and the Democrat party.  Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital has invested $40 million in Scytl, and other source points out that Bill Gates also owns stock in Scytl.

When the U.S. government confirmed that the Dominion Voting System is involved in the electoral fraud, the intelligence community was instructed to search for its servers and found out that they were in Germany. However, the CIA was totally excluded from this operation.

By obtaining the servers, the US government, on the other hand, will have direct evidence of this electoral fraud: when was the ballot-counting stopped; who gave the instruction to stop ballot-counting; and who initiated the algorithm which enabled to switch votes…” gnews.org

Sidney Powell is not the only Trump attorney that is sounding the alarm. L. LinWood, the attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse and Trump attorney, is also crying foul.

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