BLM fascists attack innocent diners in restaurant

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The Daily Mail:

  • A third night of protests took place in Rochester, New York, over the death of Daniel Prude   
  • Footage on social media showed demonstrators shutting down a restaurant while residents dined 
  • Authorities deployed tear gas, and reportedly pepper balls, at protesters who did not disperse at their order
  • The demonstration was declared an ‘unlawful assembly’ after the group marched through downtown Rochester   
  • Daniel Prude, 29, died of suffocation in police custody in March, but outrage ignited when new footage was released this week 

A large group of demonstrators caused diners to flee when they surrounded a New York restaurant during a protest over the death of Daniel Prude in New York.    

More than 1,000 anti-racism supporters gathered together in downtown Rochester, where 29-year-old Prude suffocated to death while in police custody.

The huge crowd surrounded a restaurant where diners were eating on Friday night. Many look terrifed as demonstrators smashed the customer’s glasses in front of their faces, broke plates, overturned chairs and chanted at them to get out.

‘We’re shutting your party down,’ one woman is seen shouting in the face of a diner, in footage taken by FreedomNewsTV.

One woman whose clothing got caught up as she tried to run from the incoming crowd.

‘No need to run,’ a protester told her. ‘Nobody is hurting you. Nobody’s going to touch you…we’re shutting the party down.’

The crowd chants, ‘If you don’t give us our s***,’ we shut s*** down.’       

Rochester entered its third protests on Friday over the death of Prude at the hands of Rochester Police Department.

The demonstration began peacefully at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park around 6.30pm.  

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