Welcome to the jungle: US Marines drink the blood of beheaded cobras and chomp on tarantulas and scorpions as they learn survival skills during wargame exercises in Thailand

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Daily Mail:

  • Cobra Gold is an annual event hosted by US and Thai forces and teaches troops extreme survival techniques 
  • US Marines were photographed undertaking a series of grueling challenges, such as drinking cobra blood
  • The extreme demonstration teaches soldiers that snake blood is a suitable alternative to clean drinking water 
  • Dozens of nations took part in the event with thousands of troops carrying out land and sea drills

The annual Cobra Gold military exercise began in Thailand on Tuesday.

The event sees thousands of US troops taking part in a series of grueling and garish tasks all in the name of survival.

Twenty-nine other nations are also attending the largest event of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region, which teaches troops how to survive in extreme conditions in the jungle.

Around 4,500 members of the US armed forces will be taking part in drills on land and sea. Alongside them will be there counterparts from Singapore, China , Japan , India, South Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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