Welcome to Seattle! Remember CHOP? Naked man stabs another naked man in broad daylight

The Post Millennial:

Multiple callers to 911 reported two naked men running. One of the men was bleeding significantly, and the other appeared to be chasing him with scissors.

Seattle detectives are investigating a Tuesday morning stabbing where one naked man tried to stab another. According to the Seattle Police Department, at 8:11 AM, a 911 caller reported a disturbance in an apartment building in the 400 block of Terry Avenue.

Shortly after, multiple callers reported two naked men running westbound on Jefferson Street from Terry Avenue. One of the men was bleeding significantly, and the other appeared to be chasing him with scissors. The victim ran to the emergency room entrance of Harborview Medical Center and was treated for multiple stab wounds.

The suspect was found less than a block away with a severe cut to his neck. Officers administered first aid. Seattle Fire Department Medics responded and transported the man to HMC in stable condition. Though the circumstances leading up to the stabbing are still under investigation and the suspects have not yet been identified, public nudity is a regular occurrence in the area’s homeless and drug addicted population.

Addicts in various states of overdose can be regularly seen in the Greater Seattle area, sprawled on sidewalks with various articles of clothing missing. The problem has spread to neighboring cities as the homeless and addict population migrate throughout the region.

Many of the homeless and addicts left the downtown Seattle area during COVID lockdowns seeking out areas where they could obtain food from businesses and money from panhandling.

King County has been buying hotels in the area to be used as homeless shelters and spreading Seattle’s problems across the area and to nearby cities and counties.

Wow, just like San Francisco.

Earlier this month while a 7-year-old girl and her grandmother in Everett were being interviewed by KING 5 News about the girl’s lemonade stand being shut was shut down, while elected officials and local authorities ignored a nearby homeless encampment, when a naked man walked out of the woods and into the park in the middle of interview and was later spotted at a homeless camp a few blocks away.

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