Weak men cause ‘a helluva lot more carnage in this world than strong men’ – Nolte


The Taliban are not some ragtag group of gangsters. Instead, they are a highly organized Islamic terrorist organization that has never stopped being affiliated with al Qaeda and who, upon retaking Afghanistan from Joe Biden, immediately released thousands of al Qaeda and ISIS prisoners.

And this is who His Fraudulency has put in charge of American security in Kabul.

Yesterday, 13 Americans were killed along with 95 Afghans. We are told they were killed by an ISIS suicide bomber, a member of the same organization the Taliban allegedly freed from prison – the same Taliban Biden put in charge of security.

Biden seems to enjoy, actually enjoy, lying about how he inherited this problem from former President Trump, which is no surprise coming from a doddering, old sociopath. But on what planet does anyone believe Biden inherited the lunatic idea of putting the Taliban in charge of our security, which would be like putting the Imperial Japanese in charge of security during the British evacuation of Dunkirk?

Despite all this, despite the knowledge the Taliban freed thousands of ISIS fighters, Biden still stood before the country Thursday night and told us the following to justify his fiasco of an evacuation plan: “[W]e have been made aware by our intelligence community that ISIS-K, a staunch enemy of the Taliban, the people who are in both those prisons were freed — were opened, planning a complex set of attacks on United States personnel and others.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa… Slow down there… So ISIS is a “staunch enemy” of the Taliban, but the Taliban “freed”  from “prison” thousands of ISIS fighters? So the Taliban freed its “staunch enemy?”

Can we just back up a little back here?

Who freed them?

Who freed the ISIS fighters killing Americans?

The Taliban freed them.

And now you’re telling us the Taliban freed their “staunch enemies?”

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