‘We have laws against child endangerment’: Gov. DeSantis says he could order Florida’s CPS to INVESTIGATE parents who take their children to drag shows


Governor Ron DeSantis has threatened to deploy Florida’s child protective services on parents who take their children to drag queen shows.

The Republican warned ‘we have child protective statutes on the books’ and ‘laws against child endangerment’ as he condemned footage of youngsters dancing with acts at a gay bar in Texas last weekend.

He said there appeared to be a ‘concerted effort to be exposing kids more and more to things that are not age appropriate’ and blasted the clip that showed a child in front of a sign that read ‘it’s not gonna lick itself’.

His comments follow others slamming a viral video of children at a ‘drag your kids to Pride’ event at Mr Misster gay nightclub in Dallas.

The elementary-aged youngsters were recorded dancing with drag queens wearing skimpy thongs as well as handing over cash to them during the performance.

DeSantis’ latest anti-woke offensive comes as he has continued to crackdown on progressives over issues surrounding ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’.

He signed a parental rights bill into law earlier this year banning teaching gender ideology for children at elementary schools – which the Left dubbed the ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill.’


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