‘We Got to Take These Motherf*ckers Out:’ Rutgers U. Prof Praises Low White Birth Rates


Rutgers University professor Brittney Cooper called white people “villains” at an online conference and praised low white birth rates, adding, “We got to take these motherfuckers out.” The professor also claimed that “Critical Race Theory is just the proper teaching of American history.”

Cooper said, “We got to take these motherfuckers out” during an online conference titled “Unpacking The Attacks On Critical Race Theory” last month, according to a report by Daily Mail.

The professor added that whiteness “totally skews our view of everything,” and that she “thinks that white people are committed to being villains.”

“They fear that there is no other way to be human than the way in which they are human,” Cooper said of white people, adding that whenever she talks to a white person, they dismiss “all of this power” as simply a part of “human nature.”

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