WATCH – Woman Fills Plastic Bag with Gasoline; Federal Government Warns Americans Not to …


In times of gas shortage, it seems the federal government must reiterate a warning. It told Americans on Wednesday not to fill plastic bags with gasoline during the ongoing fuel shortage on the East Coast.

“Do not fill plastic bags with gasoline,” the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission wrote on social media on Wednesday morning.

This video was first posted in December 2019 and so is not a consequence of the gas shortage on the East Coast after the ransomware attacks on the Colonial Pipeline, but also raised concerns that government employees felt it was necessary.

“God bless whoever had to type this on an official government account,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“I am always struck by the contrast of things like man putting a helicopter on Mars… And we also have to tell people not to put gasoline in plastic bags,” another person wrote.

The safety board also warned Americans never to pour gasoline over flames, sharing an image of how it could explode and burn people’s faces.

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