WATCH: Woman Climbs in McDonald’s Drive-Thru Window to Make Her Food

A woman recently climbed through a McDonald’s drive-thru window to make her own meal as employees watched, laughing.

TikTok user @greergreer posted video footage of the incident, noting the workers had run out of gloves. Therefore, due to sanitation rules, they were not allowed to prepare food, the New York Post reported Wednesday:

The clip showed the young woman, wearing a pink dress and heels, standing outside the window while conversing with employees inside.

“She’s not playing, she wants to make her own food,” the caption read the moment the woman began climbing through the window.

Once she made it inside, everyone laughed as the woman clapped her hands, then walked toward the kitchen area.

“It’s a training thing,” she told an employee. “It’s my first day training, and I came inadequately dressed, so you are not held responsible for my first day of training,” she told him:

@greergreer #fyp #viral #mcdonalds ♬ original sound – quezgreer

Social media users shared their opinions regarding the Post article, one person writing, “Who is she? I think I love her.”

“Unfortunately there’s really nothing to cook in a McDonald’s you just kind of press buttons,” another user replied.

“As someone not from the US – I have to admire this level of commitment to getting what you want,” someone else commented.

The location of the McDonald’s remained unclear, as well as if the woman got to prepare her own meal.


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