WATCH – Woman Arrested for Walking Dogs Without Leash in Democrat-Run NYC


In Democrat-run New York City, you can riot, burn, block traffic, and take a dump in the street without consequence, but you will be arrested and taken into custody for walking a dog without a leash.

And in San Francisco you can steal up to $950 in merchandise from a retail store and face no consequences whatsoever.

This is real, folks. Here’s the video…

An Upper West Side woman was handcuffed, tossed into a police holding cell and treated like a criminal all over a minor infraction — walking her two dogs without a leash in Riverside Park, she told The Post.

Dora Marchand, 29, took her two mini Australian shepherds, Comet and Sophie, out for a walk on Aug. 4 and only took doggy bags and her keys with her — leaving behind the leashes, her phone and identification.

Though unleashed, Comet and Sophie also stood obediently nearby, circling around their owner as one of the officers tried in vain to herd them into wire cages. Off camera, the officer who initiated the arrest gleefully explained how he’d use an electric stick to shock them into compliance.

This woman lived right around the corner, and rather than walk her over there to get her ID, these fascist Parks Enforcement officers arrested her.

Thankfully, someone on the scene was able to reach Marchand’s boyfriend by phone, who came by to pick up the dogs and take them home. He also brought Marchand’s ID, but these fascists still arrested her, took her into custody, and locked her in a holding cell.

“Once at the precinct,” the New York Post reports, “Marchand said she was treated like a ‘real’ criminal — officers stripped her of her shoes and made her remove the strings from her pants as she sat in a holding cell[.] ”

There is no indication, including from a fascist Parks Department spokesperson who defended the arrest, that the dogs were in any way unruly or a threat to anyone. In fact, if you watch the video, the dogs are amazingly well behaved, even as their owner is arrested and cuffed.

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