WATCH – Inside a Boeing 747 Graveyard

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Sam Chui channel:

I visited Mojave, California which is a famous airplane graveyard in the desert. More than 100 planes are stored here and it is end of the line for most planes that arrive in the graveyard. I went inside an ex Thai Airways B747-400 to take a look at the interior, much to my surprise the interior had been kept intact. Then I step inside an ex-Qantas B747 and found my way to walk on the 747 wing! I could almost touch the winglet!

Then we drove to Victorville to meet up with an airplane scraper Huy, Huy gave us a tour and explained how they tear down airplanes using an excavator. The useful parts, such as the engines, the avionics and the interior, are usually stripped out for sale . We went inside an ex United B747-400 and ex Singapore/VIM B777-200 to take a look.

Talaat Captan, owner of Air Hollywood, and Anthony Toth, co-owner of the Pan Am Experience, appear in this video as tour guides of the airplane graveyard storage.

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