WATCH – VA Teacher WRECKS School Board, Critical Race Theory: ‘You DO NOT Speak for US’

Red State:

I wrote an article earlier today about the insanity dressed up as “critical race theory,” including an example of how the left has weaponized it and is now using CRT as leverage to exact acquiescence from those who refuse to willing to play their silly games.

We’ll get to that in a bit; this story is far more satisfying — and downright awesome.

As reported by The Daily Signal, a Loudoun County, Virginia, teacher recently went off at her school board. And while she was doing so, she burned CRT to the ground, as well.

“This school district keeps showing up in the national news.

“We are told to examine our whiteness, our white supremacy, white privilege, microaggressions upon every other thing that is stupid or racist.

“YOU are the face of privilege. YOU do not speak for us.”

Ouch. Pretty sure that left a mark. Watch:

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