WATCH – UPS Driver Attacked In San Francisco Describes Vicious Robbery Attempt In Exclusive Interview

CBS Local – San Francisco:

A UPS driver was just doing his job when a thief swiped a package from his car, and then beat him in the middle of a San Francisco street.

The victim opened up exclusively for the first time to KPIX 5’s Betty Yu.

“They start to hit me in my face, and they hitting me in my teeth, I lost two teeth here,” said Minh, describing the attack. “They hit in my back, and I fell down, and the wheel in the front they run over my feet.”

KPIX 5 obtained the viral video with permission from the driver who shot it on Thursday near Gough and Market streets around 2 p.m. It shows Minh trying to defend himself in the attack. The suspect beats him in the middle of the street before running off.

Minh said he pointed at the package thinking the driver nearby would come to his rescue. It turned out to be the getaway car driver. The attacker then falls to the ground trying to get into the vehicle.

“He tried to run away. I said ‘No, give it back to me,’ and he tried to run in the middle of the street,” explained Minh.

He said the suspect first stole a package off his cart while he was making a delivery. Minh tried to retrieve it.

“Right now, especially Asian delivery drivers putting their life out on the life for a job and my dad was just trying to do his job like to the extent to the fullest,” said Minh’s daughter Tiffany. “So he didn’t have to run after that man, but that man had to use violent forces against him which was uncalled for.”

In the end, the suspect made off with nothing; in addition, he fell hard on the ground while trying to get into the moving getaway car.

Minh spent Monday hobbling to different medical appointments and getting his front teeth replaced. He shared photos of injuries he sustained to his foot and face.

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