WATCH: Trump’s White Nationalist Dinner Guest Nick Fuentes Filmed in Actual Food Fight at LA Burger Joint

White nationalist Nick Fuentes reportedly received a warm reception from former President Donald Trump, but it was a very different temperature at a Los Angeles In-N-Out burger where he was caught on camera in a food fight with other patrons.

The footage follows the Fuentes meeting with both Trump and Ye, formerly known as Kanye West. Trump has been attempting to distance himself from Fuentes since the meeting, claiming he did not know the background of Fuentes before the meeting.

Fuentes can be seen in video posted to social media throwing a cup of soda at someone in the In-N-Out and then leaving the restaurant as a patron curses at him.

YouTuber Sneako, who can be seen in the video and is reportedly working on Ye’s supposed 2024 presidential run, said in a video following the release of the footage that he was with Fuentes and they were approached by a couple who threw ketchup at them and objected to their presence.

TMZ reported that eyewitnesses said a couple did in fact approach Fuentes and then the dispute occurred. The couple reportedly threw paper cups with ketchup at Fuentes, but the noted racist left with the police being called.

In another video of the altercation posted by TMZ, a woman filmed Fuentes and Sneako reading. The woman claims that Fuentes pretended not be himself at some point.

“It is Nick Fuentes,” the woman said. “He pretended that it wasn’t him, but it’s really him. What the fuck. Fuck Nick Fuentes!”


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