Watch: Trans Activist Freaks Out, Gets Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting A Politician

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A protester was arrested at the Oklahoma State Capitol on Tuesday after the House voted to ban “gender transition procedures” for minors and adults using insurance.

The House gallery was full of dozens of people hearing the reading of the bill and the debate between Democrats and Republicans.

Trans-rights activists have visited the Capitol on multiple occasions this session and at no point was there any violence.

People voiced their concerns and displeasure with HB 2177 on Tuesday, as they were leaving the gallery, but each person was escorted out and told to leave.

But after the vote, when lawmakers were leaving the House floor, a protester hurled water at State Representative Bob Ed Culver, R-Tahlequah.

KFOR photojournalist Kevin Josefy captured the entire event on camera.

The protester was then escorted out by an Oklahoma State Trooper.

At the fourth floor stairwell on the southwest side, the protester threw the water again but this time at the trooper. That is when the trooper went in for an arrest. He followed the protester down the stairs until the two became physical.