WATCH – TRAGEDY IN KABUL as Desperate Parents Hoist Children over Wall to US Soldiers

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The New York Post:

Harrowing footage from Kabul’s international airport shows desperate Afghans attempting to flee their country by any means necessary — even handing children to US soldiers on the other side of the airport wall in the hope of getting them on evacuation flights.

The nonprofit organization Rise to Peace posted a series of video clips of the chaos Tuesday. The footage shows a mass of humanity outside Hamid Karzai International Airport, some of them waving passports and other identification documents.

The initial clip shows a man being helped over barbed wire by a pair of American soldiers. A series of pops can be heard in a second clip, which Rise to Peace claimed was exploding tear gas canisters utilized in an effort to keep the crowd back.

In a third, longer clip, a man and a pre-teen girl boost themselves up on the wall to talk to a pair of US soldiers. Eventually, a woman clad in traditional dress pulls herself up to the top of the wall

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