WATCH Tour de France carnage as massive crash caused by a fan wipes out half of the field

The US Sun:

Just minutes after Christian Prudhomme had set the 108th edition of the annual bike race in motion, there was carnage in stage one.

A fan caused a massive crash during Stage One of the Tour de France.

Tony Martin went down first after he was taken out by a member of the public.

The spectator was stood holding up a cardboard sign with ‘Allez Opi-Omi!’ written on it in black marker.

The fan was looking straight at the TV camera on the passing bike and failed to notice the riders rapidly approaching her spot.

Martin on the right-hand side had no way to avoid her and went down after crashing into her arm taking the whole Jumbo Visma team with him.

Sean Kelly, a four-time green jersey winner, said on commentary: “The guys at the front went through a very tight section between the islands in the middle of the road and it was a dangerous one for those further back in the peloton.

“This is Brittany – you have a lot of road furniture and small villages. It is very technical for the first stage of the Tour de France.”

Fortunately, there appeared to be no long-lasting impact on any of the downed riders as all remounted before continuing the race.

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