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The New York Post:

Asian NYPD cop says racist Washington Square Park tirade was ‘degrading’

The Asian cop who endured a racist tirade in Washington Square Park over the weekend says the hateful encounter was “degrading” and “upsetting.”

“I feel like he was just angry at the uniform, at police officers, and he decided to add some racial slurs in it,” NYPD Officer Philip Huynh told ABC7 of the man caught on video calling him a “c—k” nearly two dozen times in the Manhattan green space Saturday night.

“It was degrading, upsetting. No one wants to be called something like that,” the officer said.

“I believe he was trying to provoke a reaction from me,” Huynh added.

The hateful encounter took place after cops in riot gear cleared out the Greenwich Village park, enforcing the city’s newly added 10 p.m. curfew there.

“I’m on the sidewalk, what you gonna do?” the man can be heard saying moments later. “What’s your name? You’re not even from this country. You piece of s–t. You f–king ch–k!”

Another officer tries to calm the man down and motions the officers away.

The man, though, continues to yell the racist slurs, singling out the cop who first approached him in the street.

At one point, a passerby on a bike jumps in, telling the man his racist rant is “f–ked up.”

“Why you calling people ch–k, man?” the biker interjects. “Stop calling people ch–ks, man, that’s f–ked up. You racist as s–t. You’re a racist f–k!”

The hate-spewing man, who is black, responded by claiming, “Black people can’t be racist.”

Huynh said, “Ignorance can come from any background, it’s up to him to be educated about it.

“He has to be held accountable for what he said,” the cop added.

An NYPD rep told The Post on Friday the incident was “disturbing” but could not say whether the race-spewing man would face charges.

WARNING – Offensive Language

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