WATCH – The Disgraceful Covid Hypocrisy of the G7 Elite

Pictured – The G7 main actors (and we do mean “actors”) in a staged photo op.


At least one good thing has emerged from the G7 summit: we now know that President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, President Bieber of Canada and the various other world leaders who’ve been sunning themselves in Cornwall are ocean-going, copper-bottomed hypocrites.

Note how their personal rules on mask-wearing, “social distancing” [an egregious oxymoron], quarantining and so on differ quite markedly from the ones they’ve been imposing on us ordinary folk these last 18 months.

Sure, when they’re posing for one of their staged photographs they all pretend, for propaganda purposes, that they are Covid regulation compliant.

Here’s how they really behave …

The photo of the President and First Lady, the Queen, President Bieber, and Prince Charles clearly in breach of the arbitrary ‘two metre’ social distancing rule. Nor is any of them wearing masks. Nor, one can safely assume, is any of them at risk of being put on an NHS Track and Trace watchlist and forced to quarantine at home because they’ve been found to have come into contact with someone who tested ‘positive’.

Oh, and a number of these people have been permitted to travel from foreign countries in aeroplanes — something again which has been largely forbidden to us proles.

I personally have no objection to seeing a 95-year-old widow chatting to a slightly confused looking elderly gentleman and his wife at a cocktail party without being encumbered by ridiculous muzzles. Nor do I have a problem with the lack of social distancing. But that’s because if I had my way, we’d scrap all these pointless rules immediately so we can get our old normal back as soon as possible.

What I do very much object to is the extraordinary mix of arrogance, double standards, and muddled thinking on display here among our governing elites.

More egregious pictures at Breitbart

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