WATCH – ‘The crowd knows the real winner’ – Trans woman swimmer crushes female competitors but the crowd CHEERS SECOND PLACE

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Second place was the actual fastest woman

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A video purporting to show transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas utterly destroying natural-born female opponents has emerged.

The video shows Thomas laps ahead of the female competitors. Many say the performance is unsurprising since Thomas was born as a man and competed as a male swimmer for three years at the Keystone State University before “transitioning” to being a woman.

The video reportedly chronicles the 1650 Free swim event in which Thomas set a record as a female swimmer, crushing the competition by an incredible 38 seconds. In that swim meet, Thomas blasted past the competition to win the 500 by 12 seconds and the 200 free by seven seconds. These numbers are enormous, considering wins are usually clocked by less than two or three seconds ahead of the swimmer in second place.

Watch til end. Voice-over says “The crowd knows the real winner”

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