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Disturbing video captures Philadelphia transit worker’s assault

Disturbing new video shows the moment a Philadelphia subway worker was badly beaten by a gang of thugs.

The footage of the unprovoked attack Monday, released by Transit Workers Local 234, shows about a dozen young people wearing hoodies chasing down the 55-year-old worker at the 15th Street/City Hall subway station.

The thugs are seen throwing punches at the worker, who falls and is kicked and punched by several of the attackers, the video shows.

The unidentified worker suffered a concussion in the attack. The attack has the transit union calling for Transit Police Chief Thomas Nestel to resign, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

“It’s not personal, but it’s a war out there, and if your wartime general isn’t winning, you need a new general,” union president Willie Brown told the outlet.

“Many students ride the system to school,” he said. “How can parents put their kids on public transportation if we can’t even give half an assurance that they will be safe?”

The 11:30 p.m. Monday attack comes as ridership on the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority system is down 65 percent on subways and buses, and 85 percent on the Regional Rail line due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Inquirer said.

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