WATCH: Sleepy Joe Biden Struggles to Stay Awake During Climate Change Summit


President Joe Biden struggled to stay awake Monday during the opening speeches at the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow, Scotland. The president, wearing a mask, sat listening to the addresses with his arms folded as his eyes began to droop. As his eyes closed for several seconds and his breathing changed, a White House aide approached to speak to him. Biden spoke briefly to the aide and began applauding as the speaker concluded, and then rubbed his eyes and folded his hands as the conference continued. Video of Biden was shared on social media by Washington Post reporter Zach Purser Brown. Heir to the British throne Prince Charles earlier called for a “vast military-style campaign” to combat climate change as he opened the conference, as Breitbart London reported. The senior British royal called on global governments to take a “war-like footing” to solve the supposed crisis.

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