WATCH: Six People Arrested Following Rhode Island Street Brawl

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Six members of a wedding party were arrested and charged after engaging in a violent street brawl with authorities in Newport, Rhode Island on Sunday.

The altercation with police stemmed around David Onik refusing to leave Landing Restaurant after being denied entrance, WPRI 12 News reported. Onik then shoved a restaurant employee and attempted to punch him.

When authorities arrived on the scene, Onik’s wife Rachael Onik, 41, became uncooperative when police attempted to question her husband.

Footage shows authorities leading Rachael away before she was tripped and fell backwards. Several of the wedding party members continued to fight with the police officers.

One of the women, Alexandra Flaherty, 31, kicked an officer in the groin, and she was subdued by him. The officer was then hit in the face by Robert Nash, 30, while he was putting him in handcuffs. Multiple people were reaching for the officer’s gun, prompting the officer to throw a punch hitting Rachael square in the jaw.