Texas cop pins ‘suicidal’ black teen as she yells ‘I can’t breathe’

NY Post

A viral video that shows a Texas sheriff’s deputy pinning an 18-year-old woman to the ground sparked an investigation and led to the deputy getting placed on administrative leave. Footage of the Tuesday incident in Forney, east of Dallas, shows Kaufman County Deputy Conner Martin, who is white, laying on top of the teen, who is black, and then taking her mother to the ground and arresting her. A body camera video released by the department shows Martin approach the barefoot and agitated teen after cops received multiple calls that she was suicidal and jumping into traffic, police said in a press release. He repeatedly asks the distraught woman, identified by her mother as Nekia Trigg, why she’s upset. He holds her by the arm while telling her she needs to stay still when she refuses to engage with him, video shows. “Why are you hurting me?” Trigg is heard asking through tears. “I don’t want you to hurt me.” When the teen eventually pulls away, Martin pins her to the ground as she repeatedly yells “I can’t breathe,” footage shows. Later, Trigg’s mother, identified by police as Antanique Ray, came to the scene with other family members and tried to intervene as deputies led the handcuffed teen to a police vehicle.

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