WATCH – San Francisco couple violently robbed by men with assault rifle after being followed home

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A San Francisco couple is recovering from the mental trauma of being followed home and attacked and robbed by men wielding a gun and AR style rifle. “There was a point where I thought they were going to kill my husband,” says the woman in surveillance video who requested her identity be protected along with the exact location of where the terrifying incident occurred Tuesday afternoon. She and her husband were driving home after shopping at Stonestown Galleria when they suddenly noticed a sedan following them. The sedan then rear-ends the couple’s vehicle and what’s when the chaos begins. “I get out of the car and at one point I see they have guns so I told my husband to run,” says the woman who, through tears explains she is a mother of two and never imagined something like this to happen. Two suspects tackle her husband to the ground as she pleads for them not to hurt him. The men then steal an iPhone, car keys and a Rolex watch. When asked what was going through her head during the 15 seconds of terror, the woman begins tearing up. “I definitely don’t want to lose my family and I don’t want my kids to lose their dad.”