WATCH – Russian ‘Popeye’ who injected arms with petroleum jelly faces more surgery

The New York Post:

A Russian MMA fighter dubbed “Popeye” because of his massive biceps is lamenting his “stupidity” for injecting petroleum jelly into his arms – and the coronavirus pandemic has delayed surgery to fully remove the dangerous implants, according to a report.

“I’m only 24, and my immune system is so far coping with this inflammation, but I really do not know what will happen next,” former soldier Kirill Tereshin told East2West News about his 24-inch guns.

Tereshin went under the knife in 2019, but his new girth didn’t matter much in the ring, as he lost to an opponent 20 years his senior — in just three minutes.

Shortly thereafter, he started to complain about problems caused by the implants.

“That is why I started the surgeries to get rid of this nightmare. I bulked up my arms when I was 20 due to my own stupidity. I did not think about the consequences,” he added.

Alana Mamaeva, 33, a leading campaigner against cosmetic surgery abuses, persuaded Tereshin to save his life by going under the knife to have the poisonous mounds removed, accord to the news outlet.

The fighter said he has been left with hardened slabs of the jelly and “dead muscle” tissue in his triceps.

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