WATCH: Riots Break Out in Paris After Mass Shooting at Kurdish Cultural Centre

Riots broke out in Paris following a deadly shooting at a Kurdish Cultural Centre on Friday morning, with Kurdish demonstrators clashing with police.

French police used tear gas and other methods to try to disperse a mob of Kurds that turned out in the wake of a shooting that has left three dead and several others injured.

The suspected shooter, identified only as a 69-year-old William M., was reportedly previously arrested on charges of attacking a migrant camp with a sabre.

The newspaper Le Parisien claimed that he had just been released from prison on December 12th.

Though the paper noted that the demonstrations following the shooting were initially peaceful, things took a turn for the worse upon the arrival of France’s Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin.

While addressing journalists and investigating the scene, the gathered crowd began to throw projectiles towards the member of Emmanual Macron’s government after being held back by security forces, who used tear gas to push back demonstrators from the Interior Minister.

Speaking on the shooting, Darmanin told reporters that “it is not certain that the killer who wanted to murder these people… did so specifically for the Kurds,” even if “manifestly his motivations were an attack on foreigners”.

A Le Parisen reporter on the ground for the protest turned riot said: “A group of people charge the police and launch projectiles. The hitherto peaceful demonstration is degenerating.”


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