Watch: Rep. Raskin Calls Electoral College ‘Danger to Democracy’

The US Electoral College established in the US Constitution represents a danger to democracy and the American people, claimed Democrat Congressman Jamie Raskin (Md.).

Appearing on CBS’ Face the Nation over the weekend, the member of the Jan. 6 Committee went as far as to blame the events of Jan. 6 on the electoral process enumerated in Article II by the Founding Fathers.

“The Electoral College now – which has given us five popular-vote losers as president in our history, twice in this century alone – has become a danger, not just to democracy, but to the American people,” Raskin told host Margaret Brennan, referring to the victories of President George W. Bush and President Donald Trump.

“It was a danger on January 6,” he added.

He continued: “There’s so many curving byways and nooks and crannies in the Electoral College that there are opportunities for a lot of strategic mischief.”

“We should elect the president the way we elect governors, senators, mayors, representatives, everybody else. Whoever gets the most votes wins,” Raskin said.

Conservatives on social media immediately saw Raskin’s comments for what they were: naked contempt for the rule of law and the US constitutional process established to prevent a corrupt group of politicians from easily assuming control.

“This is dangerous rhetoric that seeks to delegitimize our Constitution, our elections, state sovereignty, federalism and our entire Republican form of government,” shot back former President Trump speechwriter Stephen Miller.

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