WATCH – Rep. Jim Jordan Excoriates Fauci! Mask Flip-Flop, Wuhan Origins, Gain-of-Function Research, Now Refusing to Testify Publicly

Forbes Breaking News:

At the close of yesterday’s House Select Committee on the Coronavirus hearing, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) took aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Jordan says:

  • Fauci’s continuing flip-flops on masks & Wuhan origin theory amount to negligence & malfeasance
  • Fauci knew as early as January 31, 2020 that the virus appeared to be “engineered”
  • Fauci called a meeting of virologists whose related emails are 100% REDACTED – calls for unredacting them
  • Key virologists *changed their stories* after that meeting
  • Everyone with common sense now knows that Wuhan Lab origin is likely
  • Fauci now insists on private briefing with congress after appearing on every TV show imaginable for over a year

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