WATCH – Protests ‘Invade The Suburbs’ in Yucaipa, CA… It Does Not End Well For Them (WARNING – LANGUAGE)

Daily Bulletin:

Black Lives Matters protesters being met with opposition — a new trend?

Southern California protesters demanding justice for George Floyd recently have been met by opposition, some counterprotesters carrying weapons, others engaging in fisticuffs — a trend that will continue in the days ahead, one expert says.

“Yes, over the past few days we are seeing more of an escalation” of conflict between groups at demonstrations, marches and rallies, said Lowell Smith, chairman of the Department of Criminal Justice at La Sierra University in Riverside.

Here is how it happened in Yucaipa, CA. This video went viral Tuesday.


“Deputies responded to a fight call at the ARCO gas station,” The Yucaipa Police Department reported. “When deputies arrived, two subjects were contacted and they both refused to press charges. No other victims came forward during that time. In light of social media posts and video that has surfaced, we believe there may be additional victims. They are encouraged to contact the Yucaipa Police Department to be included in the investigation.”

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