WATCH: Pro-Open Borders Protesters Joined by Muslims Shouting ‘Allahu Ackbar’ in Dublin

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A group of Muslims shouting ‘Allahu Ackbar’ marched behind a demonstration in favour of Ireland’s open borders approach to immigration on Monday.

A small demonstration supporting the Irish government’s open borders policies was joined by a group of Muslims holding signs protesting Qur’an burning while chanting Allahu Ackbar.

The march was dwarfed by another demonstration nearby protesting against mass immigration, which was attended by “thousands” demanding that the country reduce the number of refugees and asylum seekers it is taking in.

In a video shared by Le Chéile, the progressive group that helped organise the pro-migrant demo, the small group of Islamic protesters could be seen marching behind the protesters holding banners in support of open borders.

The men can be heard shouting a number of Islamic slogans in the footage, including the infamous “allahu ackbar”, while brandishing signs denouncing Qur’an burning as “hate speech”.

“We love Quran,” read one sign, while another said that “we won’t tolerate Islamophobia”.