WATCH – Trump adviser Brad Parscale’s arrest caught on police bodycam

New York Post:

Police tackle Parscale as he is speaking calmly to them

Newly released police bodycam video shows Brad Parscale’s arrest — including the Trump adviser’s wife describing his meltdown to Florida cops, and officers tackling the shirtless and apparently drunk operative.

The footage shows Candice Parscale, wearing a towel over a blue bikini after fleeing the couple’s $2.4 million waterfront Fort Lauderdale home, tell police her husband “was acting crazy” and “going irate” when he cocked a gun, sending her running outside.

“He’s acting crazy and so I went out to the backyard to let him just chill out,” she said. “He’s going irate, and he’s like, came out of his office, cocked the gun, went back in. I’m like, okay, this is like f—ed up. So I went to the front yard. … Give him his space.”

“I saw him like look out the window, and then I heard a loud boom,” she said.

Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Timothy Skaggs then gets on the phone with Brad Parscale.

“Hey, Brad, how you doing? This is Officer Skaggs, Fort Lauderdale Police Department,” the cop said. “You okay? You okay in there? Okay. All right. Can you do us a favor? Can you walk out with no weapons? Can you come outside with no weapons, please?”

Later in the video, Parscale is seen sitting on the front stoop of the house wearing white shorts, no shirt, and holding a beer.

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