WATCH: Police Find Tyson Foods CFO Asleep in Stranger’s Home

Video released Friday shows Tyson Foods CFO John Tyson’s recent arrest when he was found asleep in a stranger’s bed.

The 32-year-old, who was arrested on November 6 on charges of criminal trespass and public intoxication, apparently fell asleep in a young woman’s house in Fayetteville, Arkansas, 40/29 News reported.

The clip showed two officers on either side of a large bed and one of them said, “John, Fayetteville Police Department,” as he tried to wake the man from his slumber.

Tyson sat up for a moment but laid back down and appeared to go back to sleep.

“You have two options, either one is you sit up and put your clothes on or two, you go to jail just like you are right now,” the officer told him.

However, when Tyson tried to pull the covers back over himself the officers handcuffed him and put him into their squad car.


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