WATCH – Police: 12-Year-Old Michigan Boy Sticks up Gas Station at Gunpoint, Fires Shot


Police say a 12-year-old Michigan boy committed an armed robbery at a Hartford gas station after firing a warning shot and shocking surveillance video reportedly captured the incident.

The incident occurred Wednesday afternoon at a gas station in the 100 block of East Main Street, WZZM reported. Surveillance video, obtained by WOOD-TV, shows the suspect, who police say is the 12-year-old, pulling a handgun from his backpack before pointing it at the clerk, identified as Jessica, and ordering her to “Put the money in the bag.”

After Jessica asks if the suspect is “serious,” he aims the gun at the ceiling before firing off a shot, and the employee subsequently retrieves a small bag holding money from the safe, according to the video. 

“Here, get out,” she says, placing the bag in his backpack, the footage showed. The boy made off with thousands of dollars, police said. 

“It was a kid! It was just a little boy with a black bag! … He was just a little boy. He was probably like, I don’t know, like maybe 10? Ten or 11?” the clerk said in her 911 call, according to WOOD-TV. “He was so young. I didn’t know what — I thought he was (expletive) with me.”


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