WATCH: Pickaxe-Wielding Woman Smashes Pasadena Home While Infant Sleeps Inside

A woman was caught on video smashing the front of a Southern California home with a pickaxe while a baby was sleeping inside.

The shocking attack occurred in Pasadena in the 1700 block of Ashbury Drive at around 5 p.m. Monday, ABC 7 reported.


In the home security camera footage, the alleged suspect, Beverly Baker, 65, is seen walking up the property’s driveway without interruption before she starts smashing the home’s front door windows with a pickaxe.

The homeowner’s six-week-old daughter was sleeping near a front window when the attack occurred. His mother-in-law, who was babysitting the infant girl, could be heard screaming after the suspect smashed the second window. The mother-in-law reportedly moved the baby away from the window as quickly as possible.

The suspect walked away after the first attack but then returned to smash more windows. As she walked away a second time, she could be yelling, “Questions? Questions, anyone? I’ll be back. Get out”


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